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Meet Our First Lady

Reverend Dr. Sonia Hibbert

First Lady and Co-Pastor

Reverend Dr. Sonia M. Hibbert was born in Kingston Jamaica, West Indies. At the age of 13 years, she accepted Jesus Christ as her personal savior. She was confirmed and received into fellowship at the St. Paul’s United Church, Lockett Ave in Kingston. At age 15, she lost her mother, who had been her mentor, confidant, and most admired personality. Her academic achievements have taken her through the secular as well the religious corridors. She attended the Clan Carthy Primary School, Kingsway High School and the Kingston School of Nursing, where she graduated as a registered general nurse.

In April of 1983, while visiting relatives in Portmore St. Catherine, she attended a dynamic tent crusade meeting held by, Bishop Dr. Delford Davis. This became a notable turning point in her life, because she heard the word of God, and came into contact with his awesome presence, which made an impact, resonating in her mind and soul. She was impelled with a deep sincere desire for more knowledge about God, a right understanding of His Word, His purpose for her life and how to effectively serve Him. With this fervency and realizing the call of God, she armed herself with the word, which would not only enrich but transform and change lives. She received water baptism and became a member of the Power of Faith Ministries for 21 years. She wholeheartedly thanks her pastor, Bishop Dr. Delford Davis and his wife, Rev. P. Davis, for their wonderful investment, sacrifice, mentorship, and mentorship and opportunities given in the ministry. Today her life has been enriched for the better.


She has served in numerous capacities in ministry, Superintendent, Sunday School Teacher, Devotion Leader, Ladies President, Choir Member, New Converts Teacher and Exhorter. In 1995 she was appointed Licensed Minister, in 2003 she was elevated to the office an Ordained Minister by Bishop Davis. She has both a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Theology.

In 1998, Minister Hibbert and her husband Bishop Dr. Claude Hibbert were seconded to the United States to serve as Ministers. She has served faithfully, giving effective leadership to the body of Christ. She continues to give meaningful and remarkable service in the area of teaching. She is truly a source of inspiration and challenge to her students, constantly motivating them to attain their fullest potentials in God and never settling for mediocrity.

Minister Hibbert is a humble, dedicated servant of God, who is very serious about her salvation, and believes that as ambassadors of the manifold grace of God, we are called to be faithful stewards and walk worthy of the vocation.

Like Esther she is a woman of courage, prayer, commitment and confidence. Well poised and willing to be used of God for such a time as this. She has always been a tower of strength, completely devoted to her husband, Bishop Dr. Claude Hibbert, they have been married for 32 years, with a beautiful daughter, Claudia, and grandson Tristan.

Minister Hibbert has taken the challenge of being First Lady for us at Deeper Life, with enthusiasm. Her sense of humor is unmatched, she has proven to be kind-hearted, thoughtful, loving, and sincere. A truly wonderful example of God’s grace.

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