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Audio/Visual Department


The Audio-Visual Department plays a vital role in the efficient running of services. It serves from behind the scenes but ensures that all that is seen and heard is pleasant. Comprising categories of media and sound, this department streams through sources such as Facebook, YouTube, and Zoom, broadcasting services to those without the church environs both locally and internationally. First, with all due reverence having God at the center, this department can be seen as the ‘heart’ because it keeps the pulse of services continuous and pays keen attention to what is shared with the extended family-external viewers. Before each service, this department is responsible for ensuring that all technology utilized within services is prepared and in full effect to work within its manufactured capacity. With great dedication and commitment, the members of this department are quick thinkers. They are very flexible because they can cool the flames before the congregation recognizes there is a fire, and services continue with little to no interruption. They hold themselves to a high standard of giving nothing but simply the best. The Audio-Visual Department seeks to maintain the standard and knows that when the best is given, it’s not for themselves but a reflection of the church’s mantra, The Church Has A Look. The Church Has A Sound. The Church Has A Standard. 

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