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Welcome to the Deeper Life World Outreach Ministries. It is our divine assignment to entreat you, enlighten you, empower you and release you on the path for you to fulfill your divine purpose in the Kingdom of God.

At Deeper Life we seek to let you recognize that you are important, you are relevant, and you are significant to the purpose of God in the earth. We are intentional in our evangelist outreach, as the lost must be converted at all costs. Jesus commissioned us to go into the world and teach all nations concerning His purpose for all humanity. Knowledge is power, so it is imperative that you be informed of who you are, what you are and whose you are because where purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable, God’s creation is destroyed daily because of a lack of knowledge concerning who they are, and what is their purpose in the earth.

Deeper Life’s primary goal is to ensure that we assist you to discover your divine purpose, and that worship and service is a God-given right, not a privilege. It is a right for you to enter into your Father’s presence and worship Him, it is your right to offer your service to the Kingdom of God. So, at Deeper Life, we joyfully embrace you and welcome you into your Father’s house.

Bishop Dr. Claude Hibbert and Reverend Dr. Sonia Hibbert

Deeper Life World Outreach Ministries, Inc.


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